Born Again

Being a Hindu, I'm programmed to believe in the concept of rebirth. Apart from that, it gives me solace to think that if things did not work out for me in this life, they will in another. I'm a staunch believer in second chances - even (or is it especially) when they transcend lives.

So if I was to be reborn, what would I want to be born as? Not that these choices are in our hands really. But I like to think about it - especially when I'm dead beat or flying around getting work done and trying to race against time.

If I had a chance at rebirth, I think I'd like to be born as a water buffalo.You think thats funny? The two others that I mentioned it to this last week also thought it was hilarious.

But if you think about it carefully, its really a very good choice for a harried, always-on-my-feet, woman-of-the-21st-century, slave to time like me.

The Bubalus bubalis is a noble creature. In my opinion, it is the epitome of relaxation and thoughtfulness, bordering Nirvana. Just picture it, sitting in muddy water, black hide glistening in the sun, swishing flies with its tail, chewing the cud and contemplating, with half open eyes, the world as it whizzes past. Now contrast this picture with the daily routine of any working woman. Wake up to the sound of an alarm, rush about preparing breakfast, lunch, braving traffic and getting to work on time in a photo finish. Then there is the roller coaster ride of dealing with work issues for at least 8 hours. And if you're a mom, then you can multiply this entire effort by two.

Don't you feel jealous? Wouldn't you want to be this animal? What does the world expect from a buffalo really? Practically nothing. Ok, maybe a couple of litres of rich milk a day. Permit a human to tug at your privates a couple of times a day. Ok, maybe thats a tad undignified. Let the passing bird sit on your broad back and pick worms off your skin. Thats as symbiotic a relationship as any! Oh and ignore the many insults and curses that use you as a reference point - In Hindi: Kala akshar bhains barabar (to indicate ignorance) or bhains ke aagey been bajana (to indicate that you have no appreciation of finer things). In Tamil: 'Yerumamaadu!' - a curse to indicate girth and immovability, usually uttered in jam packed buses and trains.

That apart, there's really nothing to complain about now is there? Its a life of self actualisation.
Yes, I'd like to be reborn as a water buffalo. With curly horns - as opposed to the long straight ones. A bit of vanity maybe, but I think the curly ones look cuter!

So tell me, if you had the chance to be reborn, what would you want to be born as? Leave your thoughts in the comment box. And feel free to tag others on this topic if you like. Do let me know if you do, so I could also read it.

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15 Responses to Born Again

  1. LOL, water buffalo:) I want to be a sparrow.:) Ofcourse, vanity no apologies dear...:)

  2. Priyanka says:

    ROFL. Water Buffalo? Really? :D
    But the way you have substantiated your point, it's apparent that you are serious. Well then, I hope you DO become an eruma/pothe.

    I have always wanted to be a cat born in my family home. Coz the utterly spoilt ones we have do nothing all day except eat, sleep and sun themselves and to me, that's the way to be:P

  3. Chintan says:

    wild imagination for sure :) if i was reborn, i would want to be myself, just 10 inches extra added to my height :)

  4. Deepa says:

    Saru: Welcome here. Sparrow is a good idea. Although they may become extinct by the time you're reborn!!

    Priyanka: Welcome here. Being reborn as a family pet is also there on my list - yes, I have a list!! But it would be lower down and it would be a dog. :)) By the way, would you be born as a random cat or a pedigree one?

    Chintan: Welcome to you too! Its a chance to be REBORN! Come on! Think big. As yourself it would be 'been there. done that'! :)

  5. quizzerix says:

    Very insightful..As I have already metamorphosed into a bovine in this birth, I would prefer to be born as..lemme think...hmmm..

    Leave it yaar..will enjoy the wallowing now and not muddle up my head with things like rebirth...I am sure I would be happy with whatever I am reborn as..

  6. Rachna says:

    No rebirth for me at all :). If reborn perhaps a bird.

  7. This reminds me of the time when my daughter asked me which charchter of "Winnie the Pooh" I wanted to be. I told her I would like to be born as "Eyore" the donkey. Life being a donkey is bliss! No one expects anything profound from you and you can get by standing near a wall with eyes closed...!!! GREAT post!

  8. The sight of Buffalo always scares people being the mount of Yama, Lord of death.A bufflo seen moving is a bad omen portending death.It is apt that it wallows in dirty water making it dirtier.
    A humourous article well written as always

  9. Deepa says:

    Meera - life of a donkey is more difficult I think. Beast of burden and all that. Have you seen the loads they carry? Poor things. But baby donkeys look cho-chweet with their big eyes and that tuft of hair.

  10. Sandhya says:

    I often used to address my children 'ye yerume, inga vaada' when they were small! It was an endearment! Very rarely, I use the word now!

    Very well written, hilarious post, Deepa! Enjoyed reading this, happily!

    I prefer to be born like our Goalie, the cat, the pampered brat in our house. The whole family pampers her! But I, amma, won't be there to pet her!

  11. SUB says:

    ROFL...that's a good can chillax your entire life...

  12. Deepa says:

    Thanks Partha, Sandhya and SUB.

    If you look at the sub text of the choices, they point towards a desire for being free, liberated to follow your own dreams. To be loved unconditionally. Hmmmm....I wonder what that says about our present life?

  13. The buffalo looks positively contented and pleased with itself. More than Nirvana... I would say :)

  14. radha says:

    That was humour at its best. But no rebirth for me. Definitely not as a water buffalo. Would hate all that slush!

  15. Deepa says:

    Thanks Roshmi & Radha. Glad to you enjoyed reading it.