Age No Bar

Hi all! Yes, Yes, I've beem MIA for a few weeks. Usual story - no. Just could not find the motivation to write. :((

Discovered a channel called 'Love CBS' on my Reliance Big TV connection and came upon an interesting tidbit of information on a show called 'The Insider'. Basically it gives the low down and dirt on the lives of Hollywood celebs. 'Timepass' as my friends would say. Now I came across this bit of news which made me sit up and take notice.

An actor by the name of Doug Hutchison - aged 51 - recently tied the knot with a girl named Courtney Stodden - aged.....hold your breath...16!!! Child marriage is alive and well people! And seems to be vacationing in America by the looks of this piece of info.

So who are these people? What is their claim to fame?

Dough Hutchison is a character actor seen in movies like The Green Mile and television shows like Lost and The X Files. I seem to recollect seeing him in this last one. I was a big fan of the X Files. Do any of you remember the episode about a guy who ate human livers? If you do, you know who this guy is.

The sweet sixteen lady, Courtney claims to be a 'country' singer and was an erstwhile Miss Teen USA contestant. Now if you ask me, the girl does not look 16. She looks at least 25. And a typical bleached blonde with a great bod (and probably an empty head). I do not like saying uncharitable things about my sex, but I'm going to go out on a limb here. She looks like a sluttified version of Paris Hilton - who in my not-so-important-opinion is already scraping rock  bottom.

So how did they meet? At some theatre workshop organised by Hutchison and thats when love bloomed. The man apparently called up the girl's mother to ask permission to court / date / see her underage daughter. So it would appear that this whole thing happened with the blessing of the mother. In fact, news reports say that the marriage took place with 'parental consent'.

Jokes apart, the news made me feel rather nauseated. I know its a cliche - but the guy is old enough to be her father! And in some cultures, her grandfather!!! One wonders naturally, what brought them together? Lets try a few theories on for size:

1. They love each other (Yawn!): Well if you watch their TV interviews, they keep nuzzling each other, holding hands and saying things like 'She was a virgin. I only wish I was also a virgin'.

2. Its about sex and machismo (Now you're talking!): He's 51. Probably viagra dependent. She's young and nubile and er...a virgin. In some cultures, it is believed that sex with a virgin can cure all manner of sexual disorders.Then there's pedophilia of course.

2.1 Take your supposed star crossed lovers story to the media, get people (and bored bloggers like me) to sit up and take notice. Next thing you know, you got a reality show with top ratings (who doesn't like a bit of voyeurism) and rake in the moolah!

My money's on Theory no. 2.1 people.

While these two wax eloquent on various channels about how their media appearances can be "a forum to hopefully help people change their perspective and expand their minds about love", I can't help thinking about my own country. Marriage at 16 is not something that is unusual here, particularly in states like Rajasthan and Bihar. In fact, girls get married younger than that. It is universally recognised to be one of the stumbling blocks in women's development and emancipation. But then again, India has a long way to go before we can be really a 'developed society'.

But how does one explain the same thing happening in western - and supposedly more 'developed' societies? Are 16 year olds really that different? Are they not the same hormone affected teens, searching for their identities and sense of self within their respective cultural contexts? Is 16 really a permissable age of marriage?

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11 Responses to Age No Bar

  1. What kinds of programs are you watching.. GOD!!!! Sixteen year olds in America are different from those in our country given the opportunities they get - yet they choose 51 year olds..! Virgins are obviously a rare commondity and therefore all this hype about it. It is perfectly clear the reasons behind their so called " love" . Watch, BBC, Nat Geo or Fox History channel next kiddo!!! :-)

  2. You should have called this post
    " SEX BAR BAR"

  3. Anything is possible in America Dear. Nice post...

  4. Whether in developed or under developed countries such unequal marriages are aberrations.The law as it stands may not make them illegal but certain safeguards should be in place to prevent young girls being married off to old men.But if parents connive in such monstrosities, what can one do?

  5. Well whatever be the veracity of this post, as far as US law goes, even consensual sex with a minor is statutory rape! So no idea where this love story is going till she turns 18!

  6. Jashosree says:

    Hi Deepa, I don't even think she is 25, minimum of 30 if 40 not even amused.......

  7. Sandhya says:

    Thank god, at least in our so called 'under-developed' country, 8 year olds are married to 8-10 year olds, not 50 year olds by parents!

  8. Deepa says:

    Meera: I need to watch mindless programmes to unwind after a long day! As for what I should have called it, I thought I would leave some to the readers' imagination.

    Partha: What can one do? I'd say speak out against it and raise awareness.

    Deviprasad: I'd say this love story is headed straight for the family court. After a longish detour through some reality show.

    Jashosree: If she's that old, then science really has done wonders for her!

    Sandhya: I wouldnt be so sure! What about the cases from Hyd where young girls are married off to old geezers from the Middle East?

  9. Rachna says:

    It is disgusting. She is just looking for some publicity, aspiring my foot! The only difference is that in India in most places, they force these poor girls to marry at tender ages whereas this lady wants to be with this man. And, if you want to read about 12 - 13 year olds being forced to marry almost 50 to 60 year old buddhas in Saudi Arabia, read Princess (the novel). That one was revolting.

  10. Purba says:

    Shouldn't the parents be blamed for allowing this to happen? After all they happen to be her legal guardians.

    I guess they both a serve a purpose - she as the trophy wife and he the sugar daddy!