Some More Wandering Thoughts Albiet On A Wednesday Evening

I was trawling the net to alleviate my boredom today when I came across a job announcement by a "boutique" recruitment firm (whatever that maybe). It was for senior positions in business development. But when I looked for the name of the hiring organisation, I couldn't find it. Now I think about it, these recruitment firms never tell you the name of their clients. Who is it that they are scouting talent for. I don't understand the need for secrecy. What is the problem in revealing the name of the client? How is a potential applicant to judge whether they want to apply or not? One does not make these choices based on the job description or the pay package alone. It all boils down to making INFORMED decisions for which you need full and complete information. I say we apply the Right To Information Act on these recruitment / HR outfits.


Just finished reading Amitav Ghosh's 'Sea of Poppies'. What can I say - simply awesome. Its part of a trilogy. And the way Ghosh has written the first leaves you panting for more. I am eagerly awaiting the next part. What I love about Ghosh is his attention to detail. His novels are obviously well researched. They also indicate his background in anthropology. And he writes about people and locates them in a historical context. His books demonstrate an amazing divesity in theme, content and setting. Compare his writing with that of Arvind Adiga. As I've said in my previous review of White Tiger, Adiga's writing leaves much to be desired. Both have written with poverty and deprivation as their background. Where Adiga is just too in-your-face, Ghosh's writing is nuanced and somehow more profound. He is unequivocally, my favourite author.


Was wondering, what is the etimology of the term 'you look fetching'. How did it come about? What does one fetch if one looks fetching? R said something about a dog theory. Like getting a dog to fetch. By that token, what is the dog connection if a woman looks fetching? Would she fetch you a stick?! Thoughts and opinions invited.

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3 Responses to Some More Wandering Thoughts Albiet On A Wednesday Evening

  1. radha says:

    I agree - Amitava Ghosh's descriptions are superb. I read Hungry Tide, and I would love to visit the Sunderbans.

    As for looking fetching, I tried looking up the etymology. No references at all. But the dog theory - is a little far fetched, do you think? ;-)

  2. Deepa says:

    radha: You have excellant taste in authors!! Hungry Tide was the first work of Ghosh's that I read. And I read it around the time the tsunami happened. Somehow it made the descriptions and narrations so much more vivid.

    The dog theory is not only far fetched, it is derogatory to women!

  3. "What does one fetch if one looks fetching?"

    ... thats a million dollar line...

    ... and we all know what a lamppost 'fetches' once it is in the line of sight of "man's best friend"...

    P.S. Good to see you have been more regular with your posts in the last one month... while I was hibernating ;)