You Love Me! You Really Do!!!

Awards and recognition are always wonderful, especially to an attention hungry Leo like myself. But when it comes from a fellow blogger, it is all the more sweet and coveted. Thanks Rachna for conferring this honour on me. Right back at ya!!

As a recipient of this award, I'm expected to link back to the person who gave me this award I also have to write 7 honest things about myself. That's going to make me think very hard now! But guess it could be fun.

1. I am your typical Leo-aggressive, determined, passionate and a bit of a drama queen. I am rather 'take charge' in a situation and also a control freak.

2. I never do things in half measures. I love and hate with equal intensity. I have high expectations of people that I love and feel bad if they do not measure up to it - impractical and unrealistic I know. But there you are. But for those that I hate, I ignore them and / or cut them out of my life totally.

3. I am generally straight forward and say things openly, frankly and probably rashly also. I have been told many times to temper my words. I try - can't say I succeed much.

4. Quick tempered - surprise! surprise! I flare up easily and say things which I regret later. I used to think I cool off easily also - but turns out that I'm actually a sulker!! I need to be coaxed and cajoled to get out of my bad mood. Bad girl!!

5. I'm articulate and like to think that communication is my strong point. I can speak several languages. I can speak in any situation and do not get fazed by public speaking. Perhaps my writing is also not-so-bad?

6. I am a loyal friend. I choose my friends with care and try to stand by them when they need me. Not to say that I mince words in telling them if they are in the wrong. But I will still stand by them. And my friends will vouch for this.

7. Although I do not believe in gender stereotypes, I like girlie stuff like clothes, make up, cooking and shopping :)))

So, those of you who know me - do you agree with these 7 things about me?

I'd like to pass on this Award to three people:

Meera : My sister, my friend and a recent convert to blogging. Am super impressed at how well she has taken to this new passion of hers.

Sandhya : I find her writing very sweet, gentle and rather maternal.

Partha : A recent friend. I am amazed at his enthusiasm for writing and creating when most others like him would not be.

Keep up the blogging!!

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9 Responses to You Love Me! You Really Do!!!

  1. rama says:

    Hi Deepa,
    Looks like we have a lot in common. Our stars of course are not the same.
    It was good to know you through this, and I am sure we would be friends.
    Congrats for the Award.
    Enjoy it!

  2. Sandhya says:

    Thank you, Deepa! I am honoured!

  3. Thank you,Deepa for the kind gesture

  4. Rachna says:

    Deepa Congrats. Looks like you and I share some common traits, but I have over the years tempered my excessive traits :).

  5. Arti says:

    Congrats Deepa :)

  6. Kasturi says:

    Hey congrats girl!!! Not sure if the personality traits that you describe are limited to Leos. Your fellow blogger chose you wisely. You are versatile, surely.

  7. Deepa says:

    Thanks everyone! Keep visiting...:)

  8. Nethra says:

    Congrats girl! And the seven things that you told about yourself sounded quite interesting.

  9. We love your traits Deepa...keep them on!!!