Fly Well? I Don't Think So!

I traveled back from Mumbai last night by Air India. I know I keep posting about my fear of flying. But I simply must write about this. I was less than satisfied at the overall flying experience I had last night. The aircraft was badly in need of maintenance.

For starters, the interiors were dirty. The overhead cabins for example were streaked with dirt and grime. How much does it take to clean it? Then, in the section where I was seated, the AC was really noisy and there was a dull roar which I heard throughout the flight. That, coupled with the turbulence, did nothing to soothe my jangled nerves (did I mention I am a nervous flyer at the best of times?).

You know the panel above your seat from where the oxygen mask is supposed to pop out in case of emergency? Well the panel near about seat no. 10 was hanging in mid air. I mean hanging like how a switchboard panel would hang if you unscrewed it. The airhostess did try to pound it back into its slot. But it kept dropping back.

Then of course there were the assorted holes in the carpet, loose back rests that suddenly shifted backwards even though you did not push back, and broken arm rests.

The flight ticket cost Rs. 6093. But there was absolutely no value for money. When we landed, the air hostess did her usual announcement, ending with 'If you choose to fly Air India again, we would be happy to serve you". Are you kidding me?! After this experience, why would i CHOOSE to fly Air India?!

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8 Responses to Fly Well? I Don't Think So!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Indian Airlines take the passengers for a ride, both in the literal and metaphorical sense, don't they?

    Every time I fly by Indian Airlines, I become a theist. :|

  2. Deepa says:

    @levelheadedidiot: I have many anecdotes owing to my fear of flying. Air India isn't the only airline that I have complaints against. I don't spare even the private airlines. I remember one where I was stuck in the last seat next to the toilet which stank to high heaven (no pun intended!). Not to mention the PYT flight attendants who are BLB (Busy Looking Beautiful)

  3. sampavar says:

    hmmm. but my bro has flown their long-haul non-stoppers from NYC to Delhi a couple of times and he was very impressed with the aircraft. of course all the hostess were aunties and non of the right age but the service it seems was good.
    of course he booked that particular flight since it was advertised that it was brand new aircraft and stuff. so...
    my one time with air india was ok. nothing great but then nothing so bad either.

  4. Anonymous says:

    @Deepa : Not that the other carriers are perfect, but Air India seems the worst of the lot with my limited flight experiences.

    My bad experiences on private carriers have mostly been with respect to the food served. For the fares they charge, the least they can do is serve edible food.

    Maybe, it is the foodie in me that is talking now.

  5. "After this experience, why would i CHOOSE to fly Air India?!"

    .... Umm... good question, no answer :)

    Thats what the Air India folks would say... I guess...

  6. Deepa says:

    @Sampavar: I really don't care about the 'aunties'. All I want is neatly presented staff who work efficiently and are helpful. But then perhaps guys have other parameters! :)

    @levelheadedidiot: I agree about the terrible food on private carriers. The LCC's charge an arm and a leg for crap.

  7. RGB says:

    Air India? Yeah...they don't seem to maintain their fleet of aircrafts too well. In our flight from Cochin to Kuwait, I noticed the dirty seats and dirty carpets and not very friendly crew members. On our return flight however, it was a pleasant surprise. Very friendly crew, newer & better maintained aircraft!

  8. Deepa says:

    @ RGB: Actually their take off and landings are much smoother than others. What I'm upset about is that we pay so much for the flight tickets. At least they can keep their aircrafts clean na? And try to keep noise level down so that passengers like me don't die of fear!