Passing Thoughts On A Wednesday Morning

Two days ago, my father grumbled that he was facing a 'book drought' and wanted a good book to read. He didn't look very excited when I gave him The Lord of the Rings. An hour later, he wandered into my room and announced the coordinates of Middle Earth. "It appears this book is set somewhere near the Equator". He couldn't understand why I cracked up over that comment!

* * * * *

You remember those halcyon school days when you and your friends spent hours wondering what you would do when you grew up? Well, my twelve year old niece reports that, a classmate told the class teacher "Miss, I think I will be a lesbian when I grow up". The teacher, paled and hovered on the edge of a panic attack (or so I imagine)on how to handle this unusual career choice. My niece offered her career-choice-of-the-moment. "Miss, I want to be a journalist when I grow up". The teacher clutched at this straw gratefully "Yes. Now that is much more practical". hasn't changed much, though career options available to young people seem to have expanded manifold.

* * * * *

My mother is an unsung hero. She grew up in a small temple town in South India where families were tradition bound and life revolved around the temple. Among the fifty odd families that lived on that street, my mother was the first girl to complete high school. Back in the fifties, this was a remarkable achievement for conservative Tamil Brahmins. So how was she commended for this out of the ordinary achievement? What accolades did she receive? "Nothing. Life went on as usual".

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5 Responses to Passing Thoughts On A Wednesday Morning

  1. ani_aset says:

    goodness me what kind of career choice :P..sigh those were the days :)

  2. You have woven your thoughts very well and narrated each part in an interesting manner too...

  3. Sandhya says:

    I have seen the movie 'lord of the rings' in the TV! No idea about the book! How will he digest that type of story?!!

    Career choice...haha, thank god the teacher left it at that. The girl would not have known the meaning. If she had admonished the girl, all the other students would have got curious and asked for an explanation, at home at least...embarasment everywhere!

    Agrahaara life always centres around the temple. My family lived in an agrahaaram!

    It would not have been easy for your grand parents to send their girl child to school after 10-11 years' of age. They are great!

  4. radha says:

    Have not read the book - did try though and gave up!
    Career choice - did the poor child know she what it meant?
    And hats off to your mom. Maybe she did not receive any accolades, but it probably changed her life ( though it went on as usual) and she must have taken an active part in your studies and homework.