Sex Ed 1-on-1

My niece is 11 years old. She's growing up, an intelligent, observant and articulate girl. I like to think I'm a doting aunt. I am very protective of her and can do serious bodily harm to anybody who tries to hurt her.

One Saturday, my sister dropped her off at my place. I was to help her with her latest project - research for an essay on a nearby animal shelter. So we set off, aunt and niece, to the Blue Cross close by.

We had a great time at Blue Cross. She loves cats and cooed over the orphaned kittens. I'm a dog lover and played with the adorable puppies. Together we wondered if we could take one (or 10) home. She interviewed the caretakers and they answered her questions patiently. An afternoon well spent.

As we walked back home, I noticed a car with tinted windows parked on the left. A man, who appeared to be the owner,was standing near the bonnet. I sensed something was wrong and immediately moved my niece over to my right and away from the guy. As we neared, I realised that the jerk had stopped to flash us! There he stood, with his fly undone and his thing exposed. I turned my head away in disgust and quickened our pace.

A while later, still shuddering with distaste over the incident, I wondered if my niece had also been 'exposed' to the view. I looked at her as she walked by my side, quiet for the moment. She seemed ok, but I realised I should say something. I had gone through a similar experience as a child. I remember the fear and confusion I had felt. I did not want history to repeat itself.

" Were you afraid?" I asked, opening the discussion.

"Of what?" she queried

"That guy"

"Oh you mean the guy near the car? I forgot." She tried to gloss over the incident obviously uncomfortable at having to discuss this with her aunt. But I did not intend to give up.

"Its not your fault ok? He's sick" I said, hoping I was helping.

"What?" she asked

"Next time somebody tries this with you, I want to you pick up the biggest stone lying on the ground. Look around for an escape route. Then throw the stone at him. Make sure you hit his pee-pee (that's what she called it)" I told her, hoping I was equipping her with essential survival skills.

"Ok." She said and dissolved into giggles. Equilibrium restored, we walked on home.

As we turned into our lane, we saw a little guy, about 3 years old, pee-ing onto the road.

"Look Chitti! He's showing his pee-pee! Shall we throw a stone at it?" exclaimed my niece.

Ah well. At least she got the message.

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8 Responses to Sex Ed 1-on-1

  1. mccbala says:

    Sure you are a doting aunt who knows how to restore the equilibrium! That really matters..


  2. My Voices says:

    ha,that makes me realise one day i will be telling this to my neice who is just 5 right now.

  3. You make a good team... you and your niece...!

    Why don't you blog about your travels and handloom textiles and weavers? I would love to read about them.

    P.S. You have received an award. Check out my latest post... to know more about it. :)

  4. Deepa says:

    @ Roshmi - saw it and left a comment. If you like reading about women's issues (which I do), check out this one:

  5. Thanks, will do.

    I came across this site on "Warli art":

    Do check it out... you may like it.

  6. Ruta says:

    A doting aunt indeed...and to think of it i also have 4 nieces who will be growing up soon...Its really a good thing that u talked to ur niece after this incident. It helped her to come out of it quickly without much harm being done to her. Coz i remember being faced with similar situation when i was arnd her age, but it haunted me for quiet some time as i didnt cdnt share it with anyone at that point of time. I guess its very imp nowdays to have very good communication between kids and their elders (either parents or aunts or anyone they feel comfortable with) so that such issues are tackled there and then itself. this wont leave any scars on their young minds.

  7. ani_aset says:

    that was disgusting. nicely handled too.

  8. Deepa says:

    @ Roshmi - saw it and left a comment. If you like reading about women's issues (which I do), check out this one: