Apparently any 'ulloo ka pattha' can do this

This is going to be a short one. Consider this. Among this year's Padma Shri awardees are P. Sainath and.....hold your breath....Aishwarya Rai and Akashya Kumar. On the one hand you have Sainath - eminent journalist, profilic writer and (in my opinion) one of the finest minds this country has ever seen. On the other you have - well - an ice berg and a beefcake. One shakes governments with his insights on the plight of poor farmers in India and the others shake their booties.

I am baffled at the selection criteria used by the Govt. of India for this highest of civilian awards. Should Sainath feel awarded or insulted at being made part of a club that also has among, its members a former beauty-queen-turned-bad-actress and a fake sikh?

Apparently any ullo ka pattha can do this. I must check how we are doing on the Bharat Ratna.

PS: I heard that Sainath has refused the Padma Shri. And no, I dont think it was to protest his being clubbed with the likes of the Snow Queen or the Kinng

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4 Responses to Apparently any 'ulloo ka pattha' can do this

  1. mccbala says:

    Line which i admire the most:
    One shakes govts....
    others shake their booties...

    Wow!!! what a variety of shakes!!! LOLZ!!!

  2. Shilpa says:

    man, your writing is wicked. my fave line was the one about an iceberg and a beefcake.

  3. Why Ullo ka...any pattha for that matter of fact with a proper JACK can make the jackass!!

  4. mccbala says:

    Ha.. Ha.. It may seem so.. But I am a man who believes that its better to ridicule people with what they do rather than their looks cuz "Appearances are..". Also I look for some humour in posts rather than some metaphors and similes.. Guess I've explained myself for being "wicked" in a wicked way. ;)